Trump Knew Bolton Was a Maniac After Two Specific Convos

Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

President Trump said that two instances made him realize John Bolton was a “maniac” during an interview with The Daily Caller.

According to The Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump told the Daily Caller about a series of conversations he had with former National Security Adviser John Bolton that made him realize Bolton was a “dumb maniac who wants to go to war with any anybody that can breathe.”

The first occurred shortly after Bolton’s May 2018 appearance on CBS’ “Face The Nation,” during which Bolton floated using the “Libyan model” on North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un.

Transcript from The Daily Caller interview:

TRUMP: He made a serious statement. I said, ‘now what does that mean, the Libyan model?’ To me it means one thing. Gaddafi was taken over by a mob, dumped into a sewer, shot a hundred and twenty-eight times, and pissed on.

DAILY CALLER: After he was shot by a NATO aircraft.

TRUMP: Add that to it.

DAILY CALLER: What precipitated Gaddafi getting grabbed by the mob was NATO shooting him with a drone.

TRUMP: I didn’t know that. Well, add that to it. So, Bolton is on television, and I have a good relationship with Kim Jung Un, and I have a representative, right, saying this. Believe me, it was a very bad statement, that you know they put out a statement right after. I said, ‘maybe they didn’t see it.’ They did. About five minutes later, they put out a very strong statement and then right after that I was with him and said, ‘why did you make that statement?’ He said, ‘I wasn’t referring,’ and I said, ‘there’s only one thing you can refer to.’”

The second:

“I said, ‘so going into the Middle East was that a good thing or a bad thing?’” Trump recounted to the Caller. “He said, ‘I think it was a good thing,’ I said, ‘you cannot be serious about that.’ It’s the most tragic mistake our country ever made.”

President Trump has also referred to Bolton as “stupid.”

  1. I cringed when the president brought Bolton on board. I knew from past performances that he was a warmonger and a power-hungry idiot. And I was not surprised to see him kicked to the curb. His book of lies is only an effort of revenge.


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