Trump Makes Promise Biden Can’t Even Think About Countering

Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

President Trump is promising to keep lowering taxes when he is re-elected in November. In a series of tweets, Trump ensured Americans that his administration will pass “Tax Cuts 2.0,” the nickname given to the sequel to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act from 2017. The previous act was the largest tax code overhaul our country has seen since the Reagan administration. Democrat nominee Joe Biden plans to do the exact opposite vowing to raise taxes on Americans if he is elected on November 3rd.

In a report from Fox Business:

It’s unclear exactly what it would include, but the president has previously said he would cut the top capital gains tax rate to 15% from 20%; forgive temporarily deferred payroll taxes; give tax breaks to U.S. companies that bring their operations back from China; and codify changes made in the previous tax overhaul that are slated to sunset in 2025.

Biden, meanwhile, is running on a multitrillion-dollar agenda that would be funded in large part by higher taxes on wealthy U.S. households – which he describes as anyone earning more than $400,000 annually – and corporations. That includes higher income tax rates, an expansion of the payroll tax for Social Security, new tax credits and fewer deductions.

“I will raise taxes for anybody making over $400,000,” Biden said during a recent interview with ABC’s David Muir. “Let me tell you why I’m going to do it. It’s about time they start paying a fair share of the economic responsibility we have. The very wealthy should pay a fair share – corporations should pay a fair share.”

Biden has promised to roll back Trump’s 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and raise the corporate tax rate to 28% from 21%, restore the top individual tax rate to 39.6% from 37%, tax capital gains as ordinary income, cap deductions for high earners, expand the Earned Income Tax Credit for workers over the age of 65 and impose the Social Security payroll tax on wages above $400,000.

It’s clear that only one candidate truly has American’s best interests at heart. Even from the hospital, President Trump is working hard for the American people and focusing on getting America back on track.

  1. All smoke and mirrors folks. The moment he raises corporate taxes, he raises our taxes also. He thinks people are not intelligent enough to figure out Corporations do not pay taxes, Corporations COLLECT taxes and pass them on in the form of higher cost of goods sold.

    1. Sam, you are exactly right! I’ve been telling people that for years. Put a small tax on there exports, and then don’t tax them on money reinvested in the company. Make them pay out all other profits in dividends. When people see how much they are really paying on taxes they will start voting for fiscal conservatism.

  2. Biden’s tax increase will include us all in one way or another, it’s called “cost of living”. Does Biden think we are all ‘dumb as a rock’ like him?

    1. Oh my dear that is exactly what all democrats think. They have depended on it for years. We showed them last election and I fervently pray we will show them again on November 3rd. Trump all the way.

      1. yes, and don’t forget CHINA (the CCP) who has them wrapped around their little finger! (how? follow the money!!)

      2. If Biden is so dumb that Obama and Soros will control him, unlike Trump, then he doesn’t deserves to be US president. Americans need a very strong man with vision, passion and patriotism above primordial, communist and parochial sentiments. TRUMP all the way.

        1. I’m more concerned about a Harris Administration, after Biden dies or becomes completely incompacitated.
          Vote Trump, an all other good conservative s.

  3. The BIG farce: Democrat voters are so dim, they don’t understand that “rolling back Trump’s tax cuts” will remove their up to $2,000 tax reductions. In other words, EVERYONE WHO PAYS TAXES WILL HAVE THEIR TAXES RAISED. Yes, THEN Joementia will add additional taxes to the $400,000+ crowd.

    Democrats run on envy.

  4. The power to tax IS the power to DESTROY — and you can believe Biden is going to raise your taxes. “IF”, and that’s a very big “IF”, Biden even starts to implement the reforms he and the left have been talking about, get ready for a RAM. There is NO WAY the ‘soak the rich’ plan will pay for the socialist agenda he is talking about. As usual, the democrat’s will screw around with a few ‘wealth’ related tax increases (and then, as usual, the wealthy will use loop holes OR physical movement to avoid any new taxes) and then “as usual” the middle class will be lift to “pick up the tab”. Of course, in so doing, the U.S. economy will go down the tubes and it will be “Trump’s fault” NATURALLY !!!

  5. How can people vote for joe when he’s been hiding and now doesn’t want to debate?
    I can’t believe the polls, but it scares me to hear how he’s ahead. Let’s not be complacent at all.
    We must really show up in droves.
    Blacks, Latinos, everyone. The President needs us.

    1. They did the same thing in last election, they had Hillary ahead of Trump and they thought for sure she was going to be elected. Well that was NOT what the Almighty had planned. Trump was Yahweh God’s choice then, and He will re-elect President Donald J Trump because HE is not going to give this nation UNDER GOD TO THE NEW COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST PARTY OF THE USA, for them to destroy this nation UNDER GOD. So WE THE PEOPLE MUST PRAY DAILY FOR GOD’S WILL TO BE DONE. AND THAT SOMEHOW THE DAY OF THE INAUGURAL ADDRESS THERE WILL BE NO DISTURBANCES BY ANTIFA, BLM AND THE OTHER TERRORIST GROUPS. YAHWEH GOD, PLEASE BLESS AMERICA!

      1. My family and I are praying daily for the President and our Nation. Yes, may God’s will be done. My concern is this mail in ballot nonsense. Hope the President has people in place to watch and monitor this possible big problem. CHEATING!
        Great post. Thank you

  6. Donald Trump will con’t to move the country forward! The Dem promises are relics from past campaigns that will destroy the country!

  7. Despite what Democrats want you to believe, corporations never pay taxes. They consider taxes to be a business expense and business expenses get passed on to the consumers in the form of higher prices. When taxes go up corporations don’t pay their workers more and they raise their prices, which makes it harder for consumers to purchase the products. That leads to a less demand for the product, which means less need for workers or plant expansion, which ripples through the economy lowering the tax revenues causing the government to raise taxes again to make up the shortfall. Before long you have a dangerous spiral crashing the economy leading to another great depression. Study economic history, not just of the US but worldwide.

  8. TRUTH of the matter is: ALL GOVT’d are corrupt, and tax eaters! Govt’s do NOT make money they collect taxes! The first thing Govt’s do is see what can be taxed! From the illegal Income tax to taxes of your phones to taxes on your death! LIMITED GOVT is what should be, but, now we have a consuming Govt! One that consumes your pay check! TRUTH is: YOU own NOTHING! IF you pay off your house, you still do not own it! Don’t pay you property tax, and they take it! (Used to be when you owned your house when it was paid off, but not now) Same for the auto! My auto is paid off, yet if I fail to pay the taxes, I loose the same! GOV’T’s are NOT to be trusted!

  9. Democrats have never lowered taxes in the history of the party. The money they raise is used to support the many illegal aliens who flood the country bring with them diseases that have been irradiated for decades.


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