See How the Smithsonian Describes Trump’s Life After Unveiling New Portrait

White House [Public Domain]

Career Before Politics

White House Flickr

Former President Trump got his beginning in the real estate and reality TV before ever entering the political fray. Donald Trump made millions in the real estate business and his popular show The Apprentice before coming out with this anti-traditional government political style he would successfully campaign on in 2016.

      1. Dear DumbDickTonge …
        ..of the 32 indicted to date by the DOJ… 16 are known AntiFa Democrats…. 11 are recognized BLM terrorists….
        3 identify as Survivalist Democrats of DC ( a leftist sedition org since 2008) and 2 promoted themselves as ‘Biden loyalists’.
        FACTS… read the DOJ gov site FACTS.

        Yeah….. trump loyalists hmm?
        Pull it out before posting and embarrassing yourself.

  1. Donald Trump will go down as a truly legendary President! He achieved so much while fighting the most obscene corruption in the Deep State who angled to sabotage his efforts. Their mediocrity was no match for his genius at policy innovation. Here’s to 2024, bringing Trump back to the White House to fix the catastrophe of Obama/Biden 2.0

      1. How’s that, slick. without immigration how do you achieve growth? Do you think it comes from the growth fairy? The USA has one of the lowest birth rates in the world. Get educaed, idiot.

        1. So we should let criminals in to kill us off and further lower our population????? Immigration is fine when done in a legal and safe way. Didn’t you hear about the MS13 murders in New York? Think about it!!!

        2. LEGAL immigration! We are a nation of laws. The US is a sovereign nation. Legal immigrants bring a wealth into our nation. The illegal invasion incentivized/enabled by the Biden admin. undermines the rule of law and rewards drug cartels, human trafficking… it is a crime against humanity and our nation.

      2. So where do you think growth comes from – the growth fairy? We have one of the lowest birth rates in the world. Pleasse get educated so all yor friends don’t know your’e obtuse.

  2. If the Smithsonian truly goes ahead with the celebration of this great President and outlines the positives of his life and Presidency, it’s going to be damn hard for Joe and his dims to ignore President Trump’s greatness, and also they won’t be able to continue to deny his successes. I like it!

      1. Have you been sleeping?? Please don’t call people idiots on this sight!! We are educated, good people here. We aren’t out to call people names and acting like the Dems and rioters. We are better than that. If you are NOT then find another sight to spew your hate!!!

  3. They Stole the Election and We should Have fought Till it was revealed This little Bunch in the white house now should be Thrown Out for not Respecting the Constitution they cannot get away with what they are doing to our country

  4. His greatest accomplishment???… was ripping the curtain back so everyone could see and understand THE SWAMP… and how they exist on both sides. The man has a bigger set than Reagan !!! God Bless you Donald Trump!

    They conveniently forgot Operation Warp Speed without which this country would still be under lock down. I almost through up a little when the commicrats had the gaul to brag that Biden was the first President in history to get a million new jobs in his first 100 days. What a load of crap !! The ONLY reason that the economy is picking up is because enough people are vaccinated due to Trumps leadership that life is starting to return to normal.
    The commicrats go on and on about January 6… come they don’t go on and on about the millions of lives he has saved both here and around the world?
    The sight Commicrats bashing Trump in the liberal media, social media and in Congress is both hysterical and sickening, when even the most brain dead can see how they all made sure THEY and their Commi friends and families got THEIR shots FIRST !!!


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