WHITE HOUSE: Trump’s National Guard Surge Allowed Protesters to Protest Safely


The White House is pointing to President Trump’s decision to increase the number of National Guard in Washington, D.C. as the reason for keeping protesters safe during their protests.

According to The Daily Caller:

Trump administration officials told the Daily Caller that President Donald Trump’s deployment of the National Guard in Washington, D.C. ensured that the protests in the nation’s capital over the weekend of June 6 and 7 were dramatically more peaceful than those that took place the weekend prior.

Senior White House officials told the Daily Caller that the protests, in both the District and cities across the country, didn’t “spontaneously” turn peaceful overnight and attributed the “decisive” deescalation to coordination between local law enforcement and National Guard troops.

“Juxtapose Washington, D.C. two weekends ago, when there was widespread vandalism, property damage, and arson with this past weekend,” White House director of strategic communications Alyssa Farrah told the Daily Caller. “It was night and day.”

“The streets of America didn’t spontaneously become peaceful last week,” she continued. “It was a direct result of President Trump calling on Governors and Mayors to surge the National Guard in their states and restore law and order on America’s streets so that peaceful protestors could demonstrate safely. That is precisely because President Trump took decisive action to secure the streets of our Nation’s Capital and restore law and order.”

The White House pointed out last weekend’s peaceful protests compared to the violence and destruction seen in the protests the weekend prior.


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