Polls Show Military Sees Biden as ‘Weak and Ineffective’

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Recent polls conducted by Rasmussen Reports, reveal that President Biden’s military and race relations efforts have fallen flat. The results showed that Biden is a weak and ineffective leader that inspires little confidence in two of the most important aspects of being Commander-in-Chief.

According to The Washington Examiner:

In one timed for Memorial Day, voters by a margin of 43%-32% said that Biden was a weaker chief compared to recent presidents.

Worse, it found that most feel Biden is “less aggressive” with foreign leaders in pushing American interests first.

And in another timed for Biden’s trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma, today for ceremonies on the 100th anniversary of the so-called Tulsa massacre, voters 39%-28% said race relations have turned worse since Biden took office.

Both polls, conducted by Rasmussen Reports, were poor grades on timely issues for Biden and likely a surprise to a White House that has made efforts to focus on military and race issues.

President Biden’s popularity has steadily declined since his inauguration. Other polls gauging his handling of the border crisis has also painted a poor picture with a majority of Americans saying they think he’s done a horrible job.

    1. Has everyone already forgotten Biden’s prognostication????? Shortly after the election, “someone” pointed out the differences of opinion between Biden and Camel Eye Harace. Biden simply smiled and declared, “At some point I will announce I have a serious condition and resign.” That will make Camel Eye the potus. Remembering that will explain Biden’s tounge slips calling this current situation the “Harris administration”. Also. he famously called Camel Eye the “president elect” right after the election. Do NOT forget that Camel Eye has referred to our situation as “my administration” – several times.


      1. Big Constitutional Crisis as Kamala Harris is an Anchor Baby and as such cannot be US President under Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution .

  1. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that..Biden is weak period. He’s rolling over for China and Iran among others.

    1. Think about all the decisions and current disastrous changes made, they are just “retreads” from “you know who’s” is pulling the strings!! 3rd term!!

  2. I have believing tha 1) Biden is anything more than a puppet and that those behind him are deliberately trying to ruin America.

  3. Biden really just doe not have a clue , He should not be President , He is to OLD and his mind does not work well . I do not even think he knows what the Constitution says . In Bidens 5 months of being in office he has 57 Executive orders , this is what a dictator does.

  4. Color of the skin should not even come into play. Demonrats play the divide and conquer game and none of us should fall for their stupid little games.

    1. Problem is a large percentage of blacks and anti-Americans have completely bought into this evil situation. Even some who do NOT entertain the libturd agenda have fallen into the “divide and conquer” ideology.

      1. This is just their Marxist tactic to divide US citizens, class division was used in the 1900’s in Russia and then Mao’s hack job on China.

  5. Biden should be given a new brain, the old one is raped with wrinkles and dementia. He should look in the mirror and say Ineed a lot of help. Maybe he should ask President Trump to be his advisor . Biden is a total moron and should be put in a old age home. God help America.

  6. Joe Biden is not only weak and ineffective but he’s an old wimp and a puppet.
    I am extremely wondering why he’s got elected?

    1. Bernie sanders is a communist, AOC , Maxine Waters are terrorists.
      Pig Nancy is an old witch, all she cared is her own power not to this great nation.

    2. Selected not elected, Biden is the usurper in chief. Needs tribunal for high treason for Biden & his entire administration along with all Democrats in Congress.

      1. Don’t forget the “puppet masters” need to be charged also! Accessories to crimes against Americans.

    3. Not I—-the voting machines were totally rigged, plus every other kind of cheating the Dems could drag in.

    4. I stand with Trump who says the election was definitely stolen from him. It’s no surprise whatsoever because Biden, Harris and rest of the far left are all greedy and need power. They come just short of killing any Republican that stands in their way!

    5. I believe mister Biden was selected for the role for that very reason — the vacuous Democrats recognized he was a wimp and a puppet whose strings could, and would have to be, pulled easily!!

      1. He couldn’t get into much trouble due to being half brain dead!! He and his entire family members are criminals and losers!

    6. There weren’t that many people who actually voted for little Joe. He was elected by rigged machines, and most all people with any brains at all know that.

  7. This administration is “HOPELESS”! “Everything is “staged”, “press briefings” are USELESS & “say” ZILCH! Too boot , “nobody” can go to the “border”? to SEE “what’s” happening.”TIME” to “talk” to the people on the border” who are dealing with this! Psakii can’t “say” a complete sentence{ like Obama)who parsed his words!) @a “press” conference. It’s NOTHING but “gobblygoojk”& a bunch of words that “MEAN NOTHING”! “WHY” hold a “press conference” ? YOU NEVER ANSWER ANY questions.

    1. Yes, like “I’ll have to circle back to you on that one” every other question….the worst and dumbest press secretary I can ever remember, an entire embarrassment for this country, all of them!!

  8. I really worry about the military. They have poor leadership not just from corrupt joe, but also all the leadership he’s put in place. Since this administration is all about checking boxes and not who’s best qualified for the job.

  9. This guy is a far-left liberal liar with the mind of a six year old and is obviously mentally ill; we need Trump now more than ever!!

  10. Biden’s a featherweight.He lacks charisma and is completely failing in professional negotiation skills. He doesn’t know what the word “compromise” means, a component of every successful Commander-in-Chief. Instead, he’s spending his his entire motivation on one thing: hating Trump. That said, he’s changed some of Trump’s policies for no other reason than they were mandated by Trump; it doesn’t matter if they were good for American families and the national workforce. An example is closing the Alaskan pipeline. The man is an abject mess; he’s more spite than competent, more mouth than merit. No doubt, if he stays on the course he is on now he’ll be a one-term President replaced (hopefully) by a REAL leader named Donald Trump.

  11. Sad !!!
    2020 election was stolen from Americans!!! Washington DC is totally corrupted!! John Roberts Supreme Court justice, FBI director Wray and all agents, CIA director and all her agents and Bill Barr!!!
    These people are Traders and Treason. They let democrats Muller investigation and impeachment totally fraud go on for 4 years and then let democrats steal 2020 election. They all work for US Chamber of Commerce, Bush family Globalist , big Tech and communist China 🇨🇳 money.
    Rule of law is gone in Supreme Court!
    FBI has to be done away with!!! It is totally corrupted!! Along CIA they are working against Americans.

  12. President Trump was always accused of colluding with the Russians so what has changed now that a demwit is President? How about colluding with the Chinese also.

  13. I read an article about an interview BHO had a short time ago at which time he said Biden is simply continuing the programs and policies started during Obama’s eight years in office! Well surprise, surprise, surprise, that is what most of us have been saying since Biden was sworn in! Jen Psaki has even said during press conferences that Obama and Biden speak often by phone. She didn’t have to tell us, we knew, Joe has to be given his instructions and “marching orders” frequently because dementia causes short term memory loss and Jo-Jo Biden can’t remember to squat causing many changes of his Depends daily! I think Schmuck Schumer handles that job. Did you ever notice his facial expression and his flaring nostrils always look like he has just completed a bad and smelly job! Sorry, the devil made me bring Schumer into the scenario! 🤢🤮
    I remember, as do all of you, when BHO said he was going to “fundamentally change America”, it didn’t take anyone long to figure out what he meant…… change America to a socialist/communist country, he wasn’t able to complete the transition so he is dang well going to be sure, if he has his way, Biden will complete the mission! BHO was hoping the American people would spend all our time worried about him bringing Islamic power and sharia law to America instead of what he was really bringing! BHO devasted our military and they better never forget that….the Dems want a weak military, because they intend for America to become globalist/NWO with the United Nations worldwide military consisting of a combined military force from all nations protecting the planet! The plan is simple, just spend some time thinking about what is happening all around the globe and open your mind. If and when all the pieces are in place, there will be a point where we have passed the point of no return and then…..there will be no stopping it! No more Constitution, no individualism, no more American way of life……America will be like Venezuela, Cuba, etc.and a small part of a planet controlled by a gigantic all powerful government who tells us what to do and when to do it. If we don’t, we get lead in the head and their problem is solved! Braindead people, which includes all the Dem party and a lot of Republicans had better wake up to reality while there is still time. The clock is ticking down……

  14. Biden “hates” the Military! Did he ever serve? Obama hates the Military. Did he ever serve? Trump went to a Miltitary School. “He” didn’t” serve BUT “”HE” loves our Veterans!
    How many “dems”in CONGRESS “fought” for ANYTHING? DID “Schumer” fight in WW2?
    How diid he ever get elected? With “any ” hope ‘we” can “figure out” “WHO” HATES AMERICA & “WHO”‘s “FOR” America & OUR VALUES! Somehow , I don’t “think” the it’s the OLD DEMOCRATIC PARTY , “that” my DAD “thought” FDR “was” for. Times change..
    NEVER DID WE EVER :THINK” :about” RACE in grammar school! My first boyfriend was “black” in kindergarten! So WHAT ?Adam & I just “clicked” & we LIKED to be together. :BIG SISTER” was BIG, but we all jumped rope together AND none of US””could care less about her weight! She was black & ‘funny”!We “all” just got along together It’s no different today. I have BLACK neighbors who are so nice!


  15. Biden is corrupt and Russia and China own him and if they want to could have him removed from office! Russia Mayor 3.5 million dollars and China 1,5 million plus a new car and $100,000 shopping spree to Hunter Biden and video proof that Joe had met with those foreigners, when he said he knew nothing of Hunters deals! Just think what would happen if it was Trump! A two tier justice system our agencies are owned by the DemocRAT Politicians and that means we do not have a Democracy!

  16. Biden is an embarrassment in every aspect of leadership!! He appears to be contrary to everything that this great country has always stood for. It’s well past the time for him to be impeached along with his sorry excuse for a VP ( what’s he name)!

  17. I don’t need to be told this. China Choe is pathetic and that thing he has for a VP… that is as close to nothing at all as it gets.

  18. Hi Karole,
    Don’t forget about Russia, Russia Russia!
    He is caving in to non-American interests and the Military is telling us.
    He rather sell our country down the drain than get Americans and the Middle East together on the same page. Sounds like Clintons and Obama’s enjoy this.
    May they see the inferno regions VERY SOON!

  19. Joe Biden is a sorry Democrat failure. He should be institutionalized in a mental hospital where he can be cared for as a brain damaged human being should. Shame on the Democrat Party for representing and nominating this man as someone who could do the job of president. They lied – as is usual for Democrats! For the good of the nation – NO MORE DEMOCRATS!!!

  20. “Weak and ineffective” pretty much sums it up! Thankfully the military sees through the “squatter” in the White House, and hopefully that means they will ignore what he says if it’s to the detriment of our country and contrary to the oath they take. God bless and protect our military services men and women.

  21. Joe Biden is a fucked up president, 20 times dumber than Obama and Carter combined.

    Just think, if the dumb shit dies tomorrow, his replacement, Harris, will be worse.

  22. Biden has done a MISERABLE JOB AS PRESIDENT! Every American knows that except the democrats who walk around with their ignorant heads in the clouds oblivious of what biddyboy is doing to our Nation. It’s about time the Democrats wake up to the fact that they put an old senile, weak minded man in the highest position in our country. THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES, ASHAMED, ASHAMED, ASHAMED!

    What an embarrassment they have created and the World is laughing at the Democrat Party in the U.S. It’s up to the Conservatives to make this right…which is coming. My guess by Thanksgiving this year, there will be a whole new President and administration to fix the damage that biddyboy and his administration has done. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

    1. I agree with everything that you posted, except that by Thanksgiving we’ll have someone in office ready to fix everything. Yes, we may have a new president, but, things will get much worse. I can’t scream it fast enough, often enough, that our first step to stopping the bleeding is to take back the house and the Senate. This will be a big help, as we can then stop corrupt joe and his cabal.
      Otherwise, great post!

  23. Biden & Kamala & the White House & Ptaski “SUCK”!. We “hear nothing:”. “know” nothing, & probably NEVER WILL! Fauci is up to eyeballs in FRAUD & the AMERICAN PUBIC will NEVER “know” the TRUTH! BUT! The American public will NEVER forgive” this JERK for “what” he has put us through for ?15? months of MASKS &” shut downs”. AND “ALL”for political gains. He should be jailed, fined & serve “time” for medical malpractice AND held responsible for so many DEATHS, “because” “HE KNEW”! What a POOR “EXCUSE” for a “guy” who should have known better.! Hippracrates is “turning over” in his grave. “Do no harm”…we’ll forget that!

  24. No kidding he’s unpopular. There isn’t a damn thing he done that’s good for America! Does he even remember what country he’s the President of?? He only repeats and says what he is told to and less is more!! It makes me very afraid for America since we are last on his list of ideas. He has made us more divided and angry than ever before and he doesn’t even care!! Kamala isn’t bright enough to run our country ever!! SHe has no original thoughts that aren’t destructive! I never realized she could be so useless!

  25. The man has no backbone, no brain & no “idea” what’s happening, period. “When” he’s on amphetamines, he can “function”. Other than that he’s a weak, soft spoken miscreant who cannot utter a complete thought or sentence., goes off topic & can barely remember anything. So pathetic. Putin’s gonna run rings around him & keep it to himself & China. Biden, the nitwit” is dealing with a KGB agent.Putin has a brain. Too bad that Biden doesn’t.

  26. So the Mendacious Election Thief and liar is falling in the polls…
    Next he needs to fall out of office

  27. It’s not so much America isn’t first with Obama’s puppet as it is America is now condemned again to the point of relinquishing more of our freedoms in a vortex of conjured guilt. We are resuming the not winning policies Big “O” has lined up for his door mat to shove down our throats . I don’t know about you but I wasn’t tired of winning . Oh Well back to being mushrooms.

  28. We The People of the United States of America find Biden and his Administration A Communist Party. Stealing our money, Biden most pay back 16 Million dollars for His son using the USA Airplanes Air Force1. Labor rate at 1250.00 per hours. for Air Force personal Each. PLUS SECURTY PERSONAL @ 3000.00 PER HOUR. THEN YOU MAY LEAVE THE WHITE HOUSE. YOU HAVE DONE ENOUGH.

  29. Allso remember, Democrats’ advice to Joe Biden:

    1) Don’t debate.
    2) Don’t leave the basement.
    3) Don’t concede the election.

  30. Right. I come from a military family and I see poor Mr. Biden as a deluded nincompoop who cannot be relied upon even to tell the truth, much less to act decisively in a genuine crisis. In a world of ‘guns and butter’ the military must choose guns and set them to blazing. Poor Joe Blow always seems to go for the butter.


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